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In 1959 a young, talented man named Berry Gordy Jr. founded a record label and named it Motown. The label played an important role in racial integration and brought not only soul and energy to the world, but also a different kind of atmosphere and vibe. Superstars such as William “Smokey” Robinson, Eddie Holland, Diana Ross and The Supremes, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye and the Jackson 5, all began their historic careers with the label and not since that era has anyone seen that kind of effort, hard work and determination focused towards helping young men and women going through a struggle, until now. Since 2007 the world has been officially suffering through a financial crisis, although most would say even earlier than that, largely in part because people have put their dreams and goals on hold in order to pick up a normal nine to five job so that they could put food on the table, but low and behold if they had stayed going after their dreams and continued reaching for them it is very possible that they would have been eating steak every night for dinner by now. Society has begun to give in rather than break out and that is what the artists at the Hip Hop 16 Bars Academy are taught to believe in. Holding your talents in is not in anyone’s best interest, especially your own, but letting the world see what’s inside of you can generate income of all different kinds of magnitudes such as respect, hard work, belief, strength and money as well.


Hip Hop 16 Bars was founded by Master J Hamilton in 2006 and he has been constantly working on the project ever since, breathing and living it, putting his all in, every single moment. He has even fought through the passing of his mother, which found him a new lease on life. In caring for his mother he realized how much of a struggle it was to go back and forth to the hospital and watch doctors and nurses care nothing about the sick or elderly. Seeing your loved ones enter facilities with no bed sores, but then soon after get buried with numerous bed sores all over the body due to the lack of help was very tough to handle, as well as extremely unpleasing. However, all that did was commission Mr. Hamilton’s attempt toward empowering others to take care of their families, their health and work toward having a better mindset so they wouldn’t end up like his mother, who was a very strong individual, but the system failed her. A strong athlete she was and the saddened eventhelped straighten his goals and visions, which were always to push for others who have never had anyone push for them, but now his path has been marked and signed in ink. This was what he would give his life to: helping others who were never really helped before. His enjoyment in life is seeing others, no matter the size, shape, age or sex, succeed and it is really a quite powerful and humbling sight to witness. According to this very wise and knowledgeable man; relationships are the most important thing in the world and if you can succeed in helping one another with the little things than that is where the true gold lies.

Making a change

Hip Hop 16 Bars took 57 out of 1000 young individuals, unknown to one another, some of whom were racist and entered the academy only having one or two friends of the opposite color, and developed them in every way possible for a long and productive career, shaping and directing them towards excellence. Some of them were born to hate with no reason and didn’t know any other way, but through the power of music they began to welcome each other. They dealt with frustration to self, aggression towards others for no apparent reason and with people just wanting to be opportunists, however through the wisdom and experience we were able to weed out the naysayers and dream killers and find the ones that truly wanted to be here. Sixteen weeks is a very long time for people who have never had anything, and when they were being told every week that this is what it takes to make it, it began getting a bit demanding. Being told their entire lives that they would never amount to what they wanted to be is only difficult if they accepted others’ views and if they did so that small weakness is when the Hip Hop 16 Bars Academy became a challenge for them. Those who are strong maintain, and those who are not became a distraction to others, eventually flunking themselves out of the academy and out of the program completely.

The current state of music

It isn’t about dropping a single or two and fading away anymore, it’s about album after album with a success story stapled to the inside cover. The legendary team went over all sorts of areas with the young men and women such as choreography, media training, styling, vocal training, cardio training, fitness training, hygiene, good nutrition, money management skills, studio readiness, stage personality, presence and skills, and understanding the music industry’s principles such as publishing, royalties, music laws, and how to protect their masters. Also they had the chance to attend the Grammy party and learn about the Grammy submissions. Some of them soon after became members of the elite societies known as ASCAP, SESAC and BMI giving them the opportunity to receive royalties whenever their music is played anywhere around the world.

Introduction to the Legendaries

The new artists got to meet with great people such as legendary rapper Doug E. Fresh as well as D.M.C., who is one of the members of the famous group Run-D.M.C., and both legends gave phenomenal advice to the rising stars. They were granted the opportunity to meet and speak with the legendary Queen of house music Barbara Tucker who approached them with pure elegance and grace, as well as meeting with Keith Shocklee who has worked with the likes of Public Enemy, Ice Cube and LL Cool J, and even with professional announcer Michael Buffer, who of course wrapped up his great advice with his signature, “Let’s get ready to rumble!” line for everyone to enjoy.

Affiliated award winning producer; BangOut

They were also given the privilege to work with the #1 ranked producer in New York City according to ReverbNation.com, BangOut, who has worked on multiple G-Unit songs with 50 cent and Lloyd Banks as well as working with Akon, Fabolous and Fat Joe on Grand Theft Auto IV. Other major producers the artists had opportunities to work with was “Mr. Shake What Ya Momma Gave Ya” himself, Rock Logic, who has worked alongside the Wu-Tang Clan, Stevie Wonder and Jennifer Lopez, has been the tour manager for M.O.P., has mixed several records for stars like Busta Rhymes produced shows at Hammerstein and the Roseland Ballroom, and in addition to mixing all 57 songs for Hip Hop 16 Bars, his accolades stand at 11 Platinum Records, 5 Gold Records and 2 Mixing Awards.

Also working with the artists was entertainment attorney Ms. T, who has empowered the newcomers with legal advice upon being an attorney who has worked on many contracts in the industry. Ms. T aka Jaguar was personally mentored by the world renowned Johanan Vigoda, Esq., attorney to Stevie Wonder, recipient of The Guinness Book of World Records: “Best Negotiated Record Deal.” Together they negotiated a record deal with Warner Bro. Records, where Jaguar secured the commitment of famed producer “ David Foster.” She shops artist demos, and has represented artists’ Chrisette Michele, Lyfe Jennings, Shaliek Rivers, Cory Gunz, Michael Speaks, Zab Judah, Cassandra Wilson and Jessica Betts (Winner of Missy Elliot’s Road to Stardom) to name a few. As a co-producer of the Benson & Hedges Blues Concert Series, she has worked with Jazz legends Miles Davis, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Ella Fitzgerald and Rachelle Ferrell to name a few where she also negotiated and amended Performance Contracts, Riders as well as performance venues for world renowned Festival Productions. She is co-creator and executive producer of ShowKase Live and creator/executive producer of the new production “Road Trippin.”

Academic Growth

The young men and women also received great advice and mentoring from the founder of Hip Hop 16 Bars, Mr. Hamilton, himself throughout the Academy’s full process. Zachary Snygg also helped with teaching some of the young men and women patience as well as being the videographer for Hip Hop 16 Bars; he holds a degree from NYU in film and TV and has produced, shot, directed and edited several features for Showtime, HBO, Lionsgate Films and the Weinstein Company. The singers, rappers and songwriters also got to meet with and take advice from a very successful and brilliant man named Bert Padell whose client list is marked by singer Luther Vandross, former Yankee great Whitey Ford, underground king Papoose, r&b artist Faith Evans, industry muggle Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, rapper Wyclef Jean, actor Robert De Niro, and the Material Girl herself, Madonna.

The artists were placed in legendary studios such as KMA where people like Beyoncé, 50 Cent, Ashanti, Chris Brown and Bow Wow all recorded hits. They also worked in Quad Studios where Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys and Toni Braxton recorded and at Premier Studios where Swizz Beats, Jennifer Hudson, Missy Elliot and the late great Whitney Houston all dropped some of the greatest tracks the world has heard. Smash Studios who has recorded artists such as Jay Z, Sean Kingston, Mario and Kanye West also gave a helping hand to the team. Trutone Mastering Labs Inc., known for working with James Brown and Bruce Springsteen also contributed to the project as well as the exclusive New York City event venue, SIR Studio37, who sets up rehearsals and places to prep for upcoming tours for all kinds of A-list clients throughout the year. Also helping in the studio at Sterling Sound was Senior Mastering Engineer Chris Gehringer who mastered the single “Who’s Loving You” and who has also mastered songs for artists such as Naughty by Nature, Britney Spears, Nelly and Drake. Also giving Hip Hop 16 Bars a place to lay a nest egg and set up showcases for some of the newcomers was Village Underground who presents some of the best live music in New York City.

New York Times bestseller Bishop E. Bernard Jordan showed the young men and women of the Hip Hop 16 Bars Academy what wealth is by exposing them to knowledge, wisdom and understanding. He has invited them to his Ministry’s events and had them work there, as well as opened up his home and let them in. He showed the young people the opulence of life, by exposing the men and women to what a Rolls-Royce Phantom looks like with views of the exterior from outside as well as the interior when they got the chance to ride in it, as well as having them see inside his home and being woken up in the morning by fresh eggs frying in the grill, not from their mothers or fathers, but by a Master Chef who has a master degree in the Culinary Arts. By watching these young peoples’ faces you could tell they knew that this was not a fake TV show that shows off people’s extravagant homes, it was more of a realistic living. One of the young men of the Academy even stated that, “this was true wealth, not fake wealth.” This exposure allowed these young men and women to understand that they can achieve anything in life by putting hard work in. Bishop E. Bernard Jordan teaches in the Law of Thinking that wealth is only a state of mind but is practical to obtain if you put your all into educating your self and managing your time wisely. In one of the Bishop’s famous quotes he states, “Destiny is not left up to chance, but it is a matter of choice.” Hip Hop 16 Bars will push you and push you and continue to push you in order to obtain the best out of you. We here at Hip Hop 16 Bars Academy do not want to see you fail only maintain your accomplishments and further your success.

The founder of Hip Hop 16 Bars feels that in being exposed to these elite facilities, each individual newcomer is placed in a new circumstance that forces their eyes to open and raises their IQ as an artist to become a much more unique artist. Each facility represents a great responsibility for each performer and causes them to learn where the legends came from and realize that they are in the same places the stars once stood, beginning their own careers.

As the artists spit a verse, a hook, a bridge and a chorus it never fell on deaf’s ears. Where once legends stood, they now stand with their own futures in sight. Inspiration starts within. The Hip Hop 16 Bars Academy only lights the fuse under their feet by placing each member in a high stake facility to reach their goals. Granted the artists may have started out as individuals, but they end up as teammates, only to push one another for their best. As each individual learns to do their solo songs, their group songs require a collaboration of more than one genre. It is an amazing sight to watch a team, who knew nothing about one another going into the project, grow together.

They learned about different settings, depth, sound, warmth, color, tone, power, restraint, passion, and they learned to create all of that by standing in front of a microphone that Hip Hop 16 Bars educated them about, in a world class booth that the Academy gave them the privilege to stand in. One of the members had stated, “I can’t believe I’m in a studio where Jay Z, Fabolous and Tupac once wrote rhymes.” This happened at Quad studio as Roz, the Studio Manager, told the newcomers the story of what happened on that one faithful night how he held the legendary rapper Tupac in his arms after he was shot and they waited for the ambulance to arrive, on November 30th, 1994. As the young man stated this, you could see the look on the faces of the individuals and see how saddened they were by simply standing where a legendary artist had gotten shot. It is amazing to see years later, where this incident took place, that some of these kids that weren’t even born yet are still having a hard time taking it all in as well as having a hard time accepting the reality of it.

The artists were also spoken to about style, maintaining their bodies and how important it is to have a stylist in the industry by V Vernard, and also Llewellyn Jenkins and Chad Groom who are from The Style Monsters. They brought different things to the table each time they spoke to the group or to one of the artists one on one about make-up, how they were doing their hair and even the clothes they were wearing. Llewellyn Jenkins and Chad Groom deal anywhere in the range of high-fashion editorials all the way to still life, constantly bringing the best quality forward to the Academy and their own business as well. V Vernard has worked with Vogue Espanol, Malibu Magazine, tremendous stylists Cynthia Rowley and LaQuan Smith, and also with artists Red Café and Musiq Soulchild.

Legendary model Tyson Beckford who was named “Man of the Year” in 1995 came and spoke to the men and women of Hip Hop 16 Bars about image control and how important health is due to the long tours and traveling, while still making sure they knew how necessary is was to have fun when the opportunity finally presents itself. He assured them that it is long, grinding hours, but it’s completely worth it if it’s what your passion truly is. Jerome Williams also stopped by to feed them knowledge about how crucial it is to have media contact and to stay around the social world, but never dive completely into it.

Several professional men and women stepped to the plate as a team to encourage and mentor these young adolescents who were in risk of being incarcerated and dropping out of school. The mentors encouraged them that they needed to straighten their path and go back to their high school to get their GED and find a job, in which most of them have done so, listening to every word that experience told them. Hip Hop 16 Bars has taken drug addicts and homeless individuals off the streets, cleaned them up and put them in a healthy environment to respect their craft and passion and to go after their dreams.

Now-a-days there are too many new artists that are overwhelmed and distracted by the lights, but we here at Hip Hop 16 Bars are proud to say that the Season 2 winner 2CaNn aka CaNn CaNn has raised the bar for a lot of these artists. Not only has he paved a way due to his work ethic, but also his respect towards self and his fellow man fuels the people around him, forming an amazing team ready for the challenge that they are entering at full throttle.

Also contributing to the Hip Hop 16 Bars team is highly talented music video directors Zodiac Fishgrease and Saint along with their team. Mr. Fishgrease first started at Classic Concepts and Video Music Box under Lionel C. Martin (aka The Vid Kid) and Ralph McDaniels (aka Uncle Ralph). Currently he is being mentored by Michael Bivins. He has directed the movie “Cash Rules” staring Treach from Naughty by Nature, DoItAll from Lords of the Underground, J. D. Williams from the hit HBO TV series- “The Wire” and “Oz”, Naturi Naughton from 3LW who also played Lil Kim in the movie “Notorious”, the legendary Jermaine Hopkins who played Steel in “Juice” opposite Tupac, and Mr. Cheeks from the Lost Boys. He also directed Trick Daddy and Trina’s song “You Know Namm” that helped set off the south as well as “Shut Up” also by Trick Daddy and Trina that reached the top of the charts on 106 and Park. Mr. Fishgrease has also worked with Foxy Brown, Rick Ross and Plies and also directed Queen Latifah’s music video “Go Ahead” which went on to be nominated for a Grammy Award. He most recently wrapped up a video shoot featuring CaNn CaNn’s new single “Who’s Loving You”, which premiered at the 40/40 Club on August 28th 2012.

Premiere at club 40/40

Hip-Hop 16 Bars made history as it premiered the Season 1 and 2 album at Club 40/40. The season 1 and 2 album features a variety of different flows, skills, rhymes and personalities. Da Vinci, the winner of Hip Hop 16 Bars Season 1, also featured his music at 40/40 Club. Since his affiliation with Hip Hop 16 Bars Season 1, Da Vinci has wrapped up and has went on to break off to begin his own successful path.

The names now are much different from the one’s of the great label Mo Town, but the desire and will to be better is still here as it was back than. Along with the names; the beats, flows and styles are very different as well, but the feeling you receive when you see originality from either era is something that is the same and will be instilled within you forever. The age group is irrelevant now like it was back than. Like the greats before us, we are taught by our mentors to be one and move forward with our team. So we do, step by step in perfect unison. We are Hip Hop 16 Bars. Thank you.